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                              CONSULTING AGREEMENT

      This agreement is entered into this 29th day of March 2004 by and between
Chardan China Acquisition Corp. ("Chardan"), a Delaware, United States
corporation, and Wuxi Glass Limited ("Wuxi Glass"), a BVI corporation. [NOTE:
Name subsequently changed to Best of the Best.]


      Chardan is a publicly traded company that has as its stated purpose
identifying and engaging in a business combination with a Chinese business. In
order to do so, Chardan will require assistance in evaluating several Chinese
businesses as candidates for the business combination (the "Merger Candidates")
in order to select the most desirable one from among them.

      Wuxi Glass is a Chinese consulting company that offers a variety of
services that will enable it to perform the evaluations of the Merger Candidates
for Chardan, among other things.

      Chardan wishes to hire Wuxi Glass and Wuxi Glass wishes to be employed by
Chardan in order to perform evaluations of the Merger Candidates and other
services, all on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


      NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

      1. Retention of Wuxi Glass as Consultant. Chardan hereby retains, and Wuxi
Glass hereby accepts, retention by Chardan, as a consultant.

      2. Services to be Performed by Wuxi Glass. As consultant for Chardan, Wuxi
Glass shall perform the following services (the "Services"):

            (a) Assisting Chardan in identifying potential Merger Candidates;

            (b) Making sure that all confidentiality and no action letters
provided by Chardan (attached as Appendix A and Appendix B) are executed by each
Merger Candidate or advisor prior to entering into any negotiations;

            (c) Compiling preliminary summary information regarding each Merger
Candidate (including Merger Candidates identified by parties other than Wuxi
Glass) of a type and in a form prescribed by Chardan that will enable Chardan to
select one or more Merger Candidates for more in depth analysis;


            (d) Performing in-depth financial due diligence and analysis on
those Merger Candidates selected by Chardan in order to verify the accuracy and
completeness of the information provided and initially formatting that
information in a manner _____________;

            (e) Recommending to Chardan, based on Wuxi Glass's knowledge of the
final Merger Candidate, the most desirable structure for the candidate and for
the business combination between Chardan and the candidate;

            (f) Performing an evaluation of the information of the Merger
Candidate to assess its sufficiency for purposes of US corporate and securities
requirements for legal and accounting purposes;

            (g) Assisting the Final Merger Candidate to meet the requirements
identified by lawyers and accountants in final preparation for the business
combination between Chardan and the final Merger Candidate; and

            (h) Providing ongoing support to Chardan and the final Merger
Candidate through the merger process.

      3. Compensation Paid to Wuxi Glass. The total compensation payable to Wuxi
Glass in exchange for the Services shall be the following:

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