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                                                     March 8, 2004


Dear name:

This letter confirms your benefits as an executive of Biogen Idec.

STOCK OPTIONS: You have been designated as a "designated employee" for purposes
of Biogen Idec's 2003 Omnibus Equity Plan. If at any time within two years
following a corporate transaction (as defined in this plan) your employment with
Biogen Idec is terminated by Biogen Idec other than for cause (as defined in
this plan), then each outstanding option or other security granted under this
plan that is held by you will automatically accelerate so that the option or
security immediately becomes fully exercisable and may be exercised for a period
of one year following the termination of your employment or, if earlier, until
the expiration of the option or security. Please read this plan for more details
about the rights of a designated employee in the event of a corporate
transaction and any applicable limitations. The same arrangement applies to all
outstanding stock options granted to you under the Biogen, Inc. 1985
Non-Qualified Stock Option Plan and the IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation 1988
Stock Option Plan.

We encourage you to enter into a 10b5-1 trading plan. These types of plans, when
executed according to applicable provisions, enable you to sell Biogen Idec
securities on pre-specified conditions (e.g., when the price of a share of
Biogen Idec common stock reaches a certain amount) and, therefore, allow you to
sell outside quarterly "trading windows", whether or not you then possess
material nonpublic information. Biogen Idec will reimburse you for brokerage

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