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AGREEMENT made this second day of October, 2017, between DEUTSCHE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AMERICAS INC. (the “Adviser”) and DEUTSCHE ASSET MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL GMBH (the “Sub-Adviser”).

WHEREAS, Deutsche Emerging Markets Fixed Income Fund (the “Fund”), is a series of Deutsche Global/International Fund, Inc., a Maryland corporation (the “Corporation”), which is registered as an open-end management investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “1940 Act”); and

WHEREAS, the Adviser has entered into an Investment Management Agreement dated as of June 1, 2006 and revised as of October 1, 2007, June 23, 2008, October 1, 2008, December 1, 2008, October 1, 2013, October 1, 2014, October 1, 2015 and July 1, 2017, respectively, with the Corporation and made effective with respect to the Fund on September 30, 2006 (such agreement and any successor agreement thereto, the “Advisory Agreement”), pursuant to which the Adviser acts as investment manager to the Fund and provides certain investment advisory and other services with respect to the Fund; and

WHEREAS, the Adviser, with the approval of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, including a majority of the Directors who are not “interested persons,” as defined in the 1940 Act, desires to retain the Sub-Adviser to provide investment advisory services in connection with the management of the Fund, and the Sub-Adviser is willing to render such investment advisory services. The Sub-Adviser has classified the Adviser as professional client in the meaning of the provisions of the Securities Trading Act (Wertpapierhandelsgesetz – “WpHG”).

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1.Duties of the Sub-Adviser. Subject to supervision and oversight by the Adviser and the Fund’s Board of Directors, the Sub-Adviser shall manage all of the securities and other assets of the Fund entrusted to it by the Adviser hereunder (the “Assets”), including the purchase, retention and disposition of the Assets, in accordance with the Fund’s investment objective, policies and restrictions as stated in the Fund’s prospectus, statement of additional information, as currently in effect and as amended or supplemented from time to time (referred to collectively as the “Prospectus”), and subject to the following:
(a)The Sub-Adviser will perform its obligations under this agreement in accordance with such policies and procedures as the Parties may agree from time to time.
(b)In the performance of its duties and obligations under this Agreement, the Sub-Adviser shall act in conformity with the Corporation’s constituent documents and the Prospectus (the “Operating Documents” and attached hereto as Appendix B) which have been put into effect in conformity by and with the instructions and directions of the Adviser and of the Board of Directors of the Corporation and will conform to and comply with the requirements of the 1940 Act, the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), and all other applicable federal and state


laws and regulations, as each is amended from time to time; provided however, that the Sub-Adviser shall be under no obligation to comply with any amendment and/or supplement to the Prospectus until such time as the Sub-Adviser has been notified of and has agreed to any and all such amendment and/or supplement and to the extent that such amendment and/or supplement relates to the services provided by the Sub-Adviser under this Agreement. The Adviser shall inform the Sub-Adviser of any changes to the 1940 Act or other applicable federal and state laws having effect on the services provided by the Sub-Adviser under this Agreement.

(c)The Sub-Adviser shall determine the Assets to be purchased or sold by the Fund and will place orders with or through only those brokers or dealers that appear on a list of brokers and dealers approved by the Adviser and made available to the Sub-Adviser from time to time. The Sub-Adviser will carry out the policy with respect to brokerage set forth in the Fund’s registration statement and the Prospectus or as the Board of Directors or the Adviser may direct from time to time, in conformity with federal securities laws. In executing portfolio transactions and selecting brokers or dealers, the Sub-Adviser will use its best efforts to obtain on behalf of the Fund best execution. In evaluating best execution for any transaction, the Sub-Adviser shall consider all factors that it deems relevant, including the breadth of the market in the security, the price of the security, the financial condition and execution capability of the broker or dealer, and the reasonableness of the commission, if any, both for the specific transaction and on a continuing basis. In evaluating
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