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285 E. County Line Road, Calimesa California 92320
 259-9622     FAX:  777-1186

                              CONTRACTING AGREEMENT

This Agreement made effective as of this 10th day of March, 2006, by and between
Michael Koch, DC, an individual and licensed Chiropractor, further referred to
as the ("Contractor"), whose principal address is 1815 Winola Court, Naperville,
IL 60565; and Ingen Technologies, Inc., A Nevada Corporation, further referred
to as the ("Company"), whose principal address is 285 E. County Line Road,
Calimesa, California 92320, and is made with reference to the following.


A.   The Company is a Medical Device Manufacturer, and in the business of
     providing medical products and services on a Global basis. Said products
     and services are inclusive of, but not limited to, vestibular function
     testing and balance testing referred to as Secure Balance(TM).

B.   The Company desires to engage the services of the Contractor to be a member
     of the Advisory Board and provide professional evaluations of the Company's
     Secure Balance(TM) program as described in Exhibit-A. The Contractor is a
     licensed Chiropractor in the State of Illinois, and specializes in
     chiropractic sciences and health care. The Contractor also agrees to market
     the Secure Balance(TM) program to his peers, if and when desired.

C.   The Contractor has the expertise, knowledge and resources for development
     and implementation of the services described in Exhibit-A.

D.   The Company will provide product, installation, training, market
     assistance, promotional materials and other developmental documentation
     used to promote said products and services in accordance to all laws of
     which govern the Company in this type of industry.

E.   The Company desires to utilize the Contractor's expertise, knowledge and
     other resources for providing professional opinions and evaluations of the
     Secure Balance(TM) program.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties mutually agree as follows:

1.   In consideration of the Contractor furnishing the expertise, knowledge and
     other resources in providing said services as set forth in the above
     Recitals hereof, the Company agrees to issue 100,000 Shares of restricted
     stock that is Restricted under SEC Rule-144. The Company will pay the
     Contractor $500 per incident to participate Advisory Board teleconferences,
     material reviews and meetings. Said meetings will take place via telephone
     conference between the Company and the Contractor, and said meetings will
     be scheduled within the convenience of the Contractor.

2.   Although the Contractor is not obligated to discuss or promote the Secure
     Balance(TM) program, the Company authorizes the Contractor to discuss,
     promote and market the products and services of the Company as described in
     Exhibit-A. Any other products and services offered by the Company are not a
     part of this Agreement and may not be sold and/or marketed by the
     Contractor without the written permission or authorization from the

3.   As a part of the services specified herein, the Contractor accepts the
     above considerations and understands her rights to provide said services
     within the United States. The Contractor agrees to provide her "best
     efforts" to deliver those services as described in the above recitals.

4.   The Contractor is only responsible to provide advice as an Advisory Board
     Member. The Company is responsible to provide all information,

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