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2003General Chemical Industrial Products Inc. Files Voluntary Petition for Reorganization Under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to Facilitate
2003Disclosure Statement with Respect to Joint Plan of Reorganization Under Chapter 11
2003Change-in-Control Agreement
 General Chemical; John M. Kehoe, Jr.; General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.
2003Change-In-Control Agreement
 General Chemical; John M. Kehoe, Jr.
2003Long Term Incentive Program
2003Long Term Incentive Program
2003Forbearance and Amendment Agreement
2002General Chemical Group to Consolidate Calcium Chloride Operations
2002Employment Agreement
2002Employment Agreement
2001Certificate of Incorporation [Certificate of Amendment to Amended and Restated]
2001Limited Liability Company Agreement
 General Chemical;  Wilmington Trust; PMM GCG Investment LLC; Bayberry Trust
2001Secured Promissory Note
 General Chemical;  GenTek; Paul M. Montrone
2001Credit Agreement [Amendment No. 1]
 General Chemical;  Nova Scotia;  Bank One;  Chase Manhattan; General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.; General Chemical Canada Ltd.
2001Instructions on How to Use the Subscription Warrant
2001Letter Agreement
2001Subscription Warrant for Rights Offering To Shareholders of Record
2001Opinion Letter
2001Subscription Agent Agreement
2000General Chemical Group to Idle 500,000 Tons per Year of Soda-Ash Capacity Broaden Calcium Chloride Product Line
1999Intellectual Property Agreement
 General Chemical;  GenTek; General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.; General Chemical Corporation
1999Separation Agreement
1999Management Agreement
1999Registration Rights Agreement
 General Chemical;  GenTek; Paul M. Montrone
1999Tax Sharing Agreement