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THIS AGREEMENT made as of the 11th day of May 2012, by and between each of the Nuveen open-end investment companies (the "Funds"), as listed on Schedule A, each having its principal office and place of business at 333 W. Wacker Drive, Suite 3300, Chicago, Illinois 60606 and Boston Financial Data Services, Inc., having its principal office and place of business at 2000 Crown Colony Drive, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 (the "Transfer Agent").

WHEREAS, each Fund is either a statutory or business trust or a corporation and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment company pursuant to the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the "1940 Act");

WHEREAS, it is contemplated that additional Funds and portfolios ("Portfolios") may become parties to this Agreement by written consent of the parties hereto and in accordance with Section 17; and

WHEREAS, each Fund, on behalf of itself and, where applicable, its Portfolios, desires to appoint the Transfer Agent as its transfer agent, dividend disbursing agent and agent in connection with certain other activities, and the Transfer Agent desires to accept such appointment.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, the parties hereto agree to the terms set forth below.

1. Terms of Appointment and Duties

1.1 Transfer Agency Services. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, each Fund, on behalf of itself and, where applicable, its Portfolios, hereby employs and appoints the Transfer Agent to act as, and the Transfer Agent agrees to act as, its transfer agent for each Fund’s authorized and issued shares or beneficial interest, as the case may be, ("Shares"), dividend disbursing agent and agent in connection with any accumulation, open-account or similar plan provided to the shareholders of each Fund and of any Portfolios of a Fund ("Shareholders"), including without limitation any periodic investment plan or periodic withdrawal program. In accordance with procedures established from time to time by agreement between the Transfer Agent and each of the Funds and their respective Portfolios, (the "Procedures") with such changes or deviations there from as have been (or may from time to time be) agreed upon in writing by the parties, the Transfer Agent agrees that it will perform the services set forth below, as further set forth on Schedule 2.1:

(a) Establish each Shareholder’s account in the Fund on the Transfer Agent’s recordkeeping system and maintain such account for the benefit of such Shareholder in accordance with the Procedures;

(b) Receive for acceptance and process orders for the purchase of Shares, and promptly


deliver payment and appropriate documentation thereof to the Custodian of the Fund authorized pursuant to the organizational documents of the Fund (the "Custodian");

(c) Pursuant to purchase orders, issue the appropriate number of Shares and hold such Shares in the appropriate Shareholder account;

(d) Receive for acceptance and process redemption requests and redemption directions and deliver the appropriate documentation thereof to the Custodian;

(e) In respect to items (a) through (d) above, the Transfer Agent may execute transactions directly with broker-dealers authorized by the Fund;

(f) At the appropriate time as and when it receives monies paid to it by the Custodian with respect to any redemption, pay over or cause to be paid over in the appropriate manner such monies as instructed by the redeeming Shareholders;

(g) Effect transfers of Shares by the registered owners thereof upon receipt of appropriate instructions;

(h) Prepare and transmit payments for dividends and distributions declared by the Fund or any Portfolio thereof, as the case may be;

(i) If applicable, issue replacement certificates for those certificates alleged to have been lost, stolen or destroyed upon receipt by the Transfer Agent of indemnification satisfactory to the Transfer Agent and protecting the Transfer Agent and the Fund, and the Transfer Agent at its option, may issue replacement certificates in place of mutilated stock certificates upon presentation thereof and without such indemnity;

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