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260.141.11 Restrictions on Transfer.


(a) The issuer of any security upon which a restriction on transfer has been imposed pursuant to Sections 260.102.6, 260.141.10 or 260.534 of the Rules (the “Rules”) adopted under the California Corporate Securities Law (the “Code”) shall cause a copy of this section to be delivered to each issuee or transferee of such security at the time the certificate evidencing the security is delivered to the issuee or transferee.


(b) It is unlawful for the holder of any such security to consummate a sale or transfer of such security, or any interest therein, without the prior written consent of the Commissioner (until this condition is removed pursuant to Section 260.141.12 of the Rules), except:


(1) to the issuer;


(2) pursuant to the order or process of any court;


(3) to any person described in subdivision (i) of Section 25102 of the Code or Section 260.105.14 of the Rules;


(4) to the transferor’s ancestors, descendants or spouse, or any custodian or trustee for the account of the transferor or the transferor’s ancestors, descendants or spouse; or to a transferee by a trustee or custodian for the account of the transferee or the transferee’s ancestors, descendants or spouse;


(5) to holders of securities of the same class of the same issuer;


(6) by way of gift or donation inter vivos or on death;


(7) by or through a broker-dealer licensed under the Code (either acting as such or as a finder) to a resident of a foreign state, territory or country who is neither domiciled in this state to the knowledge of the broker-dealer, nor actually present in this state if the sale of such securities is not in violation of any securities laws of the foreign state, territory or country concerned;


(8) to a broker-dealer licensed under the Code in a principal transaction, or as an underwriter or member of an underwriting syndicate or selling group;


(9) if the interest sold or transferred is a pledge or other lien given by the purchaser to the seller upon a sale of the security for which the Commissioner’s written consent is obtained or under this rule not required;

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