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                                STANDARD FORM LEASE
                          (INDUSTRIAL; SINGLE TENANT; NET)

       This Lease dated April 3, 1996 (this "Lease") is entered into by and
between O'Donnell Palo Alto Associates, a California general partnership
("Landlord"), and Omnicell Technologies, Inc., a California corporation

                                     ARTICLE I.

                               BASIC LEASE PROVISIONS

       Each reference in this Lease to the "Basic Lease Provisions" shall mean
and refer to the following terms, the application of which shall be governed by
the provisions in the remaining Articles of this lease:

1.     Address of Landlord:        c/o Insignia O'Donnell Commercial Group, Inc.
                                   160 W. Santa Clara St., Suite 1350
                                   San Jose, CA  95113  Attn:  Mark E. Schmidt

2.     Building Address:           1057 E. Meadow Circle
                                   Palo Alto, CA  94303

3.     Address of Tenant:

       (a) Notices:                1057 E. Meadow Circle
                                   Palo Alto, CA  94303

       (b) Billing:                1057 E. Meadow Circle
                                   Palo Alto, CA  94303

4.     Tenant's Trade Name:        Omnicell Technologies, Inc.

5.     Tenant's Contact:  Mr. Earl Fry           Telephone:  (415) 843-6124

6.     Building Square Footage:  Approximately 23,020 square feet

7.     Anticipated Commencement Date:  August 12, 1996

8.     Term:  Seven (7) years, 8/11/03

9.     Initial Monthly Rent:  $27,624.00/month (subject to adjustment per

10.    Security Deposit:  $29,926.00

11.    Permitted Uses:  General office, research and development, light
manufacturing, warehousing and other lawful uses related thereto, all in
accordance with Applicable Laws and Restrictions (or hereafter defined) and
pursuant to approvals to be obtained by Tenant from all relevant City, County
and other required governmental agencies and authorities.

12.    Broker:  Cornish & Carey Commercial

13.    Landlord's Architect:  Dowler & Associates

14.    Guarantor:  N/A

15.    Vehicle parking Spaces:  All on-site parking spaces


16.    Additional Insureds:  Landlord and Landlord's constituent parts and
management agents (including, without limitation, Insignia Commercial Group,

17.    Tenant's Liability Insurance Limits:  $3,000,000


       A      Description of Premises     G      Rules and Regulations
       B      Project Site Plan           H      Environmental Questionnaire
       C      Work Letter
       D      Commencement Date Memorandum

       (Exhibits E, F, I, J and K have been intentionally omitted.

Riders: Addendum to Lease

                                     ARTICLE II


       2.1    Certain Definitions.  The capitalized terms set forth below,
unless the context clearly requires otherwise, shall have the following meanings
in this Lease:

       "Additional Rent" means any and all sums (whether or not specifically
called "additional Rent" in this Lease) other than Monthly Rent which Tenant is
or becomes obligated to pay Landlord under this Lease.  See also Rent.

       "Alterations" means any alterations, decorations, modifications,
additions or improvements made in, on, about, under or contiguous to the
Building or the Premises after the Commencement Date, including, but not limited
to, lighting, HVAC and electrical fixtures, pipes and conduits, transfer,
storage and disposal facilities, partitions, drapery, wall coverings, shelves,
cabinetwork, carpeting and other floor coverings, ceiling tiles, fixtures and
carpentry installations.

       "Applicable Laws" means the laws, rules, regulations, ordinances,
restrictions, and practices described in Section 5.2.

       "Applicable Rate" means the greater of ten percent (10%) per annum or
five percent (5%) in excess of the discount rate of the Federal Reserve Ban of
San Francisco in effect on the twenty-fifth 25th) day of the calendar month
immediately prior to the event giving rise to the Applicable Rate imposition;
provided, however, the Applicable Rate shall in no event exceed the maximum
interest rate permitted to be charged by applicable law.

       "Broker" means the person or entity identified in Item 12 of the Basic
Lease Provisions.

       "Building" means that certain building comprising a portion of the
Premises located at the address set forth in Item 2 of the Basic Lease

       "Building Square Footage" means the approximate floor area of the
Building as set forth in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions.

       "Building Square Footage" means the approximate floor area of the
Building as set forth in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions.

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