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                         SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT


                               COPY DATA LIMITED

                               GEHIS LIMITED


                         100 Queens Road Brighton
                         East Sussex BN1 3YB

                         DMH is the new trading name of Donne Mileham & Haddock

THIS AGREEMENT is made the


1.       COPY DATA LIMITED (registered number 3106266) whose registered office
         is at The Arena, Raleigh Court, Priestly Way, Crawley, West Sussex RH10
         2PD ("Copydata")

2.       GEHIS LIMITED (registered number 2101992) whose registered office is at
         Sapphire Court, Waisgrove Triangle, Coventry CV2 2TX ("Gehis")

IT IS HEREBY AGREED as follows:-


         In this agreement the following terms have the following meanings:

         "Channel" means the chain of supply of Contracted Items to Copydata
         being from the manufacturer and through a distributor;

         "Contracted Items" means items of stock of the type as listed in the

         "Operations" means the division of Gehis responsible for managing the
         IT systems and requirements of Gehis;

         "Image" means a specification of additi64,ftq'uirements for the
         Contracted Items;

         "Minimum Stock Level" means the minimum levels of stock of the
         Contracted Items as set out in the Schedule, which may be revised by
         agreement in writing signed by both parties;

         "Terms" means the standard Copydata terms of supply of goods.


                  2.1.1    Copydata undertakes to use all reasonable endeavours
                           to maintain the Minimum Stock Level for all
                           Contracted Items, but shall not be expected to do so
                           for any Contractual Item which the Channel ceases to
                           supply or reduces the supply of.

                  2.1.2    In order to try to minimise the effect on Gehis where
                           supply of any Contracted Item through the Channel
                           ceases or is reduced, Copydata will subject to
                           written approval from Operations order such extra
                           amounts of the Contracted Items as it believes
                           reasonably necessary to meet the requirements of

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