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      THIS DOCUMENT IS IMPORTANT AND REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. If you are in any doubt as to the action to be taken, you should immediately consult your broker, bank manager, lawyer, accountant, investment advisor or other professional.
      This document relates to an exchange offer (the “Exchange Offer”) made by Berkshire Hathaway Finance Corporation (“BHFC”). The Exchange Offer is described in the Prospectus, dated [                    ], 2005 (the “Prospectus”), and in this Letter of Transmittal (this “Letter of Transmittal”). All terms and conditions contained or otherwise referred to in the Prospectus are deemed to be incorporated in and form a part of this Letter of Transmittal. Therefore, you are urged to read the Prospectus and the items referred to therein carefully. The terms and conditions contained in the Prospectus, together with the terms and conditions governing this Letter of Transmittal and the instructions herein, are collectively referred to below as the “terms and conditions.
Relating to
the Offer by Berkshire Hathaway Finance Corporation
to Exchange 4.125% Senior Notes Due 2010,
unconditionally guaranteed by Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
(“Registered Notes”)
4.125% Senior Notes Due 2010,
unconditionally guaranteed by Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
(“Outstanding Notes”)
The Exchange Offer for the Outstanding Notes will expire at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on [                        ], 2005, unless extended by BHFC (the “Expiration Date”).


       Each holder of Outstanding Notes wishing to accept the Exchange Offer, except holders of Outstanding Notes executing their tenders through the Automated Tender Offer Program (“ATOP”) procedures of The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”), should complete, sign and submit this Letter of Transmittal to the exchange agent, J.P. Morgan Trust Company, National Association (the “Exchange Agent”), on or prior to the Expiration Date.
J.P. Morgan Trust Company, National Association
Institutional Trust Services
Attn: Frank Ivins
2001 Bryan Street
9th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201
      Delivery of this Letter of Transmittal to an address, or transmission of instructions via a facsimile number, other than as set forth above or in accordance with the instructions herein, will not constitute valid delivery. The instructions accompanying this Letter of Transmittal should be read carefully before this Letter of Transmittal is completed.
      Questions regarding the Exchange Offer or the completion of this Letter of Transmittal should be directed to the Exchange Agent, at: 1-800-275-2048.
      This Letter of Transmittal may be used to accept the Exchange Offer if Outstanding Notes are to be tendered by effecting a book-entry transfer into the Exchange Agent’s account at DTC and instructions are not being transmitted through DTC’s ATOP procedures. Unless you intend to tender Outstanding Notes through ATOP, you should complete, execute and deliver this Letter of Transmittal, along with the physical certificates for the Outstanding Notes specified herein, to indicate the action you desire to take with respect to the Exchange Offer.
      Holders of Outstanding Notes tendering by book-entry transfer to the Exchange Agent’s account at DTC may execute the tender through ATOP, for which the Exchange Offer is eligible. Financial institutions that are DTC participants may execute tenders through ATOP by transmitting acceptance of the Exchange Offer to DTC on or prior to the Expiration Date. DTC will verify acceptance of the Exchange Offer, execute a book-entry transfer of the tendered Outstanding Notes into the account of the Exchange Agent at DTC and send to the Exchange Agent a “book-entry confirmation,” which shall include an agent’s message. An “agent’s message” is a message, transmitted by DTC to, and received by, the Exchange Agent and forming part of a book-entry confirmation, which states that DTC has received an express acknowledgement from a DTC participant tendering Outstanding Notes that the participant has received and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Letter of Transmittal as an undersigned thereof and BHFC may enforce such agreement against the participant. Delivery of the agent’s message by DTC will satisfy the terms of the Exchange Offer as to execution and delivery of a Letter of Transmittal by the DTC participant identified in the agent’s message. Accordingly, holders who tender their Outstanding Notes through DTC’s ATOP procedures shall be bound by, but need not complete, this Letter of Transmittal.

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