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A notice of termination pursuant to this Section shall be in writing and shall state the alleged reason for termination.  Executive, within not less than fifteen nor more than thirty days after such notice, shall be given the opportunity to appear before the Board, or a committee thereof, to rebut or dispute the alleged reason for termination.  If the Board or committee determines, by a majority of the disinterested directors, after having given Executive the opportunity to rebut or dispute the allegations, that such reason is indeed valid, Employer may immediately terminate Executive’s employment under this Agreement for cause.  Immediately upon giving the notice contemplated by this paragraph, Employer may elect, during the pendency of such inquiry, to relieve Executive of Executive’s regular duties.  

Section 1.5

Termination for Good Reason.  Any termination by Executive of this Agreement pursuant to this Section shall be deemed a termination by Executive for “good reason.” Executive may terminate this Agreement for good reason any time after a Change of Control in accordance with any of the following (with the further agreement that any election by Executive to not terminate this Agreement pursuant to this Section following a particular Change of Control shall not prevent the application of this Section to a subsequent Change of Control):

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