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    This employment agreement ("EMPLOYMENT  AGREEMENT") is as of the 12th day of
July, 2001 (the "EFFECTIVE  DATE"), by and between AVID SPORTSWEAR & GOLF CORP.,
a Nevada corporation ("the "COMPANY"), and MICHELLE MATHIS (the "EXECUTIVE").

1.  SERVICES AGREEMENT.  Subject to the terms and  conditions  set forth in this
Agreement,  the Company agrees to engage Michelle Mathis to perform the function
of Director of  Corporate  and Legal  Affairs in  accordance  with the terms and
conditions set forth in this Employment Agreement.

2.  TERM. The term of engagement  under this  Employment  Agreement shall be for
three (3) years,  beginning July 12, 2001 ending June 25, 2004 (the  "EMPLOYMENT
PERIOD"),  unless terminated earlier as provided herein.  This Agreement will be
automatically renewed for additional twelve (12) month periods unless either the
Executive or the Company provides advanced written notice, given at least ninety
(90) days prior to the end of the then-existing Employment Period, of its intent
not to renew.  Any twelve (12) month  renewal  shall be  considered  part of the
Employment Period.

3.  SERVICES OF THE  EXECUTIVE.  It is expressly understood by  the parties that
throughout the Engagement  Period the Executive  shall  faithfully  perform such
services for the business and affairs of the Company as are consistent  with the
duties and  responsibilities  of the  Company's  Director of Corporate and Legal
Affairs (the  "Services").  The Executive shall be the Director of Corporate and
Legal Affairs.  As part of the services,  the Company shall assign the Executive
such duties and  responsibilities  as are into  materially  consistent  with the
title and  position of Director of Corporate  and Legal  Affairs and that may be
properly  assigned  to the  Executive  from time to time by the Chief  Executive
Officer of the Company (the "CEO") or the Board of Directors of the Company (the

    The Executive shall report to the CEO in her performance of the Services. It
is expressly  understood by the parties that the Executive shall devote her best
efforts and full business time and attention to the performance of the Services;
provided,  however,  that the Executive may, to the extent such participation or
service does not materially interfere with the performance of the Services,  (i)
participate in charitable,  civic, political, social, trade, or other non-profit
organizations;  (ii) with the consent of the board, produce and retain rights in
and proceeds from books, speeches, seminars, articles and papers; and (iii) with
the  consent  of the  Board,  serve as a  non-management  director  of  business
corporations (or in a like capacity in other for-profit organizations).

4.  PLACE OF PERFORMANCE.  The  Executive  shall  perform  the  Services  at the
executive  offices of the Company  located at a mutually agreed upon location by
the  Executive  and the  Company.  If the  Executive is required to relocate her
permanent place of residence from Delray Beach,  Florida,  the Company shall pay



or reimburse the Executive for all moving and relocation expenses, including all
home  sale/purchase  expenses  incurred  by the  Executive  and  her  family  to
establish a personal residence at the new location, plus traveling and temporary
living expenses for her and her family.

    5.1        BASE SALARY.  During the period from the  Effective  Date through
               September  25, 2001) the Company  shall pay to the  Executive the
               salary  equal  to  an  annual  rate  of  fifty  thousand  dollars
               ($50,000.00).  After September 25, 2001, the Company shall pay to
               the  Executive  an  annual  salary  (the  "BASE  SALARY"),  which
               initially  shall be at the rate per  year  totaling  one  hundred
               thousand dollars ($100,000.00).

               In view of the fact  that the Base  Salary  is likely to be below
               market while the Company is in its early  stages of  development,
               the parties  agree to an annual  review at the first  anniversary
               date of this  Employment  Agreement (July 12, 2002) and to adjust
               the  Base  Salary  to  a  market  competitive  level.  Except  as
               otherwise  agreed in writing by the  Executive,  the Base  Salary
               shall  not be  reduced  from the  annual  salary  of one  hundred
               thousand dollars ($100,000.00).  The Base Salary shall be payable
               in equal twenty-four  semi-monthly  installments or in such other
               installments  as shall be consistent  with the Company's  payroll

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