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                              ENDORSEMENT AGREEMENT

     THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into as of this 26th of April 2004, by and
between  World  Golf  League  Inc.,  and  Fred  Funk,  c/o  Axcess  Sports  &
Entertainment,  LLC,  One Independent Drive, Suite 2602, Jacksonville, FL 32202:


     WHEREAS,  Player (Fred Funk) is recognized as a highly skilled professional

     WHEREAS,  Company (World Golf League, Inc.) desires to obtain the rights to
use  the  name, fame, image and athletic renown of Player in connection with the
advertisement  and  promotion  of  its  products  as  provided  herein.

     NOW,  THEREFORE,  the  parties  agree  as  follows:

1.   Definitions.  As  used  herein, the following terms shall be defined as set
forth below:

(a)  "Contract  Period" shall mean that period of time commencing on April 26th,
2004  and  concluding  April  26th  2004,  unless  terminated sooner as provided

(b)  "Services"  shall  mean  use  of  Player  in  television advertising and/or
commercial-tie-ins  with  Company  products/services

(c)  "Player  Identification"  means the right to use, subject to the provisions
hereof, Player's name, fame, nickname, initials, autograph, voice, video or film
portrayals,  facsimile  signature,  photograph,  likeness and image or facsimile
image,  and any other means of endorsement by Player used in connection with the
advertisement  and  promotion  of  Company's  Services.

(d)  "Contract  Territory"  shall  mean  Worldwide.

2.   Grant  of  Rights.  In  consideration  of  the  remuneration  to be paid to
Player  pursuant  hereto,  Player grants to Company the right and license during
the  Contract  Period to use the Player Identification solely in connection with
the  advertisement  and  promotion  of  Company's  Services  within the Contract
Territory solely in connection with the advertisement and promotion of Services.
It  is  understood  that  Company  may  not  use  the  Player  Identification in
connection  with  any  items  for sale or resale, other than Company Services as
specified  herein.  The  foregoing  rights  to  use the Player Identification is
limited  to  television, radio and print advertising, advertising published over
the  Internet  (provided  such  material is limited to advertising only), public
relations  materials, point-of-sale displays, free standing inserts, direct mail
and  billboards.  Company  shall  ensure  that all uses of Player Identification
comply  with  applicable  law.

3.   Prior  Approval.  Company  agrees  that  neither  use  of  the  Player
Identification  nor  any  item used in connection with the Player Identification
will  be  made  hereunder unless and until the same has been approved by player.
Player  agrees  that  any  material,  advertising  or  otherwise,  submitted for
approval  as  provided  herein  may  be  deemed by Company to have been approved
hereunder if the same is not disapproved in writing within ten (1) business days
after  receipt thereof. Player agrees that any material submitted hereunder will
not  be unreasonably disapproved and, if it is disapproved, that Company will be
advised of the specific grounds therefore. If Company desires immediate approval
of  advertising  material  hereunder,  Company  shall have the right to directly
contact  Player's  authorized  agent  to obtain such approval. Company agrees to
protect,  indemnify and save harmless Player and his authorized agent, or any of
them,  from  and  against any and all expenses, damages, claims, suits, actions,
judgments  and  costs  whatsoever, arising out of, or in any way connected with,
any  advertising  material  furnished  by,  or  on  behalf  of,  Company.

4.   Services  of  Player.  (a)  If  Company  desires  to  utilize  the services

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