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                              EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT

            Employment  Agreement  dated as of February 28,  2007,  between Dick
Foster  Productions,  Inc., a Nevada  corporation (the "Company"),  and David W.
Gravatt, residing at 2128 Rockrose Circle, Henderson, NV 89014 ("Employee").

            Whereas,  Sibling  Theatricals,  Inc., a Delaware  corporation and a
wholly  owned  subsidiary  of  Sibling  Entertainment  Group,  Inc.,  a New York
corporation  ("Sibling")  has entered into a stock purchase  agreement among the
Company,  Sibling and others (as stockholders of the Company)  pursuant to which
Sibling  has  acquired  eighty  (80%)  percent  of  the  Company's   issued  and
outstanding  shares  of common  stock  (the  "Stock  Purchase  Agreement");  all
capitalized  terms used herein and not otherwise  defined shall have the meaning
ascribed thereto in the Stock Purchase Agreement;

      Whereas the effective  date for this  Agreement  shall be ninety (90) days
after the Closing Date of the Stock Purchase Agreement (the "Effective Date");

      Whereas,  Employee is  currently  engaged by the Company as an employee in
the capacity of the Company's Chief Operating  Officer,  and will continue as an
employee at the discretion of the Company until the Effective Date;

      Whereas,  the execution  and delivery of this  Agreement is a condition to
the  consummation  of  the  transactions  contemplated  by  the  Stock  Purchase

      Whereas,  the  capitalized  terms used but not  defined in this  Agreement
shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Stock Purchase Agreement; and

      Whereas,  the Company  desires to continue to engage  Employee  under this
agreement for three (3) years  commencing  on the Effective  Date to continue to
perform  services for the Company  (subject to Section 14), and Employee desires
to perform such services, on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

            NOW,  THEREFORE,  in  consideration  of the  premises and the mutual
covenants herein contained,  the parties hereto,  intending to be legally bound,
hereby agree as follows:

      1.    Term


The Company  agrees to employ  Employee,  and Employee  agrees to serve,  on the
terms and conditions of this Agreement for a period  commencing on the Effective
Date and ending three (3) years from the Effective  Date, or such shorter period
as may be provided for herein.  This period  during  which  Employee is employed
hereunder is hereinafter referred to as the "Employment Period." However, if the
Closing  under the Stock  Purchase  Agreement  shall not take place by March 31,
2007,  or such  other  date as may be  permitted  under  the  terms of the Stock
Purchase  Agreement,  then this  Agreement  and all  obligations  of each  party
hereunder  shall  immediately  terminate  as of the date  hereof and as if never
entered into. Six months prior to the end of the Employment  Period, the Company
and the Employee shall enter into negotiations  regarding the possible extension
of the Employment Period. However, if such negotiations are not concluded within
ninety days from the  commencement  of such  negotiations,  this Agreement shall
terminate in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

      2.    Duties and Services

            During the  Employment  Period,  Employee  shall be  employed by the
Company as its Chief Operating  Officer and shall continue to assume such duties
and  responsibilities as are assigned to him by the Company consistent with such
position.  Employee  agrees to devote all his time and efforts and skills to the
performance  of his duties under this Agreement and will use his best efforts to
promote the success of the Company's business, and will cooperate fully with the
Board of  Directors  in the  advancement  of the best  interests of the Company.
Employee  shall be available to travel as the  reasonable  needs of the business
require.  Employee shall report to, and assume such duties and  responsibilities
as are assigned to him by, the Board of Directors of the Company,  or such other
person as shall be  designated  by the Board of  Directors  of the  Company.  If

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