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EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (as amended from time to time, the “Agreement”) dated as of February 2, 2007, by and between Wells Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc., with its principal place of business at 6200 The Corners Parkway, Norcross, Georgia 30092 (the “Company”) and Donald A. Miller, residing at the address set forth on the signature page hereof (the “Executive”).

WHEREAS, the Company wishes to employ the Executive and the Executive wishes to accept such offer, on the terms set forth below.

Accordingly, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1. Term. The Company hereby employs the Executive, and the Executive hereby accepts such employment, for an initial term commencing as of the date of the execution of the Merger Agreement by the Company, certain wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company, Wells Real Estate Funds, Inc., Wells Capital, Inc., Wells Management Company, Inc., Wells Government Services, Inc., Wells Advisory Services I, LLC and Wells Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc., as it may be amended, superseded or replaced from time to time (the “Merger Agreement”) and continuing for a period ending on December 31, 2009, unless sooner terminated in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 (the period during which the Executive is employed pursuant to this Agreement being hereinafter referred to as the “Term”). Following December 31, 2009, the Term shall automatically be extended for successive one-year periods in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (subject to termination as aforesaid) unless either party notifies the other party of non-renewal in writing, in accordance with Section 6.4, at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the initial Term or any subsequent renewal period. The delivery by the Company to Executive of written notice indicating that it intends not to extend the Term as provided in this Section 1 prior to the expiration of the then operative Term shall not be deemed a termination of Executive’s employment by the Company without Cause for purposes of this Agreement. If the Term expires, and Executive and Company agree that Executive will remain employed by the Company, but do not enter into a new employment agreement, then such employment shall be “at-will” and this Agreement will be of no further force and effect other than with respect to the provisions of this Agreement that are expressly intended to survive the expiration of the Term.

2. Duties. During the Term, the Executive shall be employed by the Company as Chief Executive Officer of the Company, and, as such, the Executive shall faithfully perform for the Company the duties of such office and shall perform such other duties of an executive, managerial or administrative nature, which are consistent with such office, as shall be specified and designated from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Company (the “Board”), including also serving as President of the Company and as an officer, manager, agent, trustee or other representative with respect to any subsidiary, affiliate or joint venture of the Company (each a “Subsidiary”). Subject to the discretion of the Nominating and Corporate Governance

Committee of the Board and the vote of the Stockholders, Executive shall serve as a member of the Board and of the board of directors (or equivalent) of any Subsidiary without additional compensation. The Executive shall devote substantially all of his business time and effort to the performance of his duties hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing herein shall prohibit Executive from (i) engaging in personal investment activities for the Executive and his family that do not give rise to any conflict of interests with the Company or its affiliates, (ii) subject to prior approval of the Board, accepting directorships unrelated to the Company that do not give rise to any conflict of interests with the Company or its affiliates and (iii) engaging in charitable and civic activities, so long as such activities and outside interests described in clauses (i), (ii) and (iii) hereof do not interfere, in any material respect, with the performance of the Executive’s duties hereunder. The Executive shall be based in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

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