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                            CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT

                                                January 15, 2002

Forrester Research, Inc.

400 Technology Square

Cambridge, MA

Ladies and Gentlemen:

            In connection with evaluating a possible transaction (the
"Transaction") involving Giga Information Group, Inc. ("GIGA") and Forrester
Research, Inc. ("Buyer"), each such entity has requested certain information
concerning the other. This letter will confirm the mutual agreement and
understanding between GIGA and Buyer, regarding such information and certain
other matters, as follows:

            1. Each party in its capacity as the recipient of Information (as
defined below) from the other party or the other party's Representatives (as
defined below) is referred to herein as a "Receiving Party," and each party in
its capacity as the party providing Information (either directly or through its
Representatives) concerning it or its affiliates is referred to herein as a
"Disclosing Party." The term "Information" shall mean all information (whether
written, visual, electronic, oral or transferred by any other means) concerning
or relating to the Disclosing Party or its affiliates or their respective
businesses that is furnished to the Receiving Party or its Representatives,
together with all compilations, forecasts, studies, reproductions, databases or
analyses by whomsoever made that contain or otherwise reflect or are generated
from such information. A party's directors, officers, partners, employees,
affiliates, agents, lenders, accountants, investment bankers, attorneys and such
other persons acting for or on behalf of such party or with whom such party and
its agents have a bona fide need to consult in connection with the Transaction
are collectively referred to herein as its "Representatives."

            2. Each Receiving Party will not, and will cause its Representatives
not to (except as required by applicable law, regulation, court or
administrative order or other legal process or by the rules or regulations of
any applicable self-regulatory organization, including, without limitation, the
Nasdaq Stock Market, and only after compliance with Paragraph 4 hereof),
directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of the Disclosing
Party, (a) use any Information for any purpose other than in connection with
evaluating, or negotiating the terms and conditions of, the Transaction; or (b)

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