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                          CALCULATION AGENCY AGREEMENT

         CALCULATION AGENCY AGREEMENT, dated as of November 13, 2001 (the
"Agreement"), between Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (the "Company") and Lehman
Brothers Inc., as Calculation Agent.

         WHEREAS, the Company has authorized the issuance of up to $6,000,000
aggregate principal amount of YEELDS Plus, 8% Yield Enhanced Equity Linked
Debt Securities Plus Due November 13, 2003 (the "Securities")*;

         WHEREAS, the Securities will be issued under an Indenture, dated as of
September 1, 1987, between the Company and Citibank, N.A., as Trustee (the
"Trustee"), as supplemented and amended by supplemental indentures dated as of
November 25, 1987, November 27, 1990, September 13, 1991, October 4, 1993,
October 1, 1995, and June 26, 1997, and incorporating Standard Multiple Series
Indenture Provisions dated July 30, 1987, as amended November 16, 1987
(collectively, the "Indenture"); and

         WHEREAS, the Company requests the Calculation Agent to perform certain
services described herein in connection with the Securities;

         NOW THEREFORE, the Company and the Calculation Agent agree as follows:

         1. Appointment of Agent. The Company hereby appoints Lehman Brothers
Inc. as Calculation Agent and Lehman Brothers Inc. hereby accepts such
appointment as the Company's agent for the purpose of performing the services
hereinafter described upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereinafter

         2. Calculations and Information Provided. The Calculation Agent shall
determine (a) the Maturity Payment Amount on the Calculation Date, (b) the
Redemption Payment Amount on the Redemption Date, (c) the Closing Level of the
Basket, (d) the Starting Multipliers and Ending Multipliers for each of the

Underlying Equity Securities in the Basket, (e) any required adjustments to the
Multipliers of the Underlying Equity Securities in the Basket and (f) whether a
Market Disruption Event has occurred. The Calculation Agent shall notify the
Trustee of all such determinations and any such adjustment or if a Market
Disruption Event has occurred. Annex A hereto sets forth the procedures the
Calculation Agent will use to determine the information described in this
Section 2.

         3. Calculations. Any calculation or determination by the Calculation
Agent pursuant hereto shall (in the absence of manifest error) be final and
binding. Any calculation made by the Calculation Agent hereunder shall, at the
Trustee's request, be made available at the Corporate Trust Office.

*   "YEELDS" is a trademark of Lehman Brothers Inc.


         4. Fees and Expenses. The Calculation Agent shall be entitled to
reasonable compensation for all services rendered by it as agreed to between the
Calculation Agent and the Company.

         5. Terms and Conditions. The Calculation Agent accepts its obligations
herein set out upon the terms and conditions hereof, including the following, to
all of which the Company agrees:

         (a) in acting under this Agreement, the Calculation Agent is acting
     solely as an independent expert of the Company and does not assume any
     obligation toward, or any relationship of agency or trust for or with, any
     of the holders of the Securities;

         (b) unless otherwise specifically provided herein, any order,
     certificate, notice, request, direction or other communication from the
     Company or the Trustee made or given under any provision of this Agreement
     shall be sufficient if signed by any person who the Calculation Agent
     reasonably believes to be a duly authorized officer or attorney-in-fact of
     the Company or the Trustee, as the case may be;

         (c) the Calculation Agent shall be obliged to perform only such duties
     as are set out specifically herein and any duties necessarily incidental

         (d) the Calculation Agent, whether acting for itself or in any other
     capacity, may become the owner or pledgee of Securities with the same
     rights as it would have had if it were not acting hereunder as Calculation
     Agent; and

         (e) the Calculation Agent shall incur no liability hereunder except for
     loss sustained by reason of its gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

         6. Resignation; Removal; Successor. (a) The Calculation Agent may at
any time resign by giving written notice to the Company of such intention on its
part, specifying the date on which its desired resignation shall become
effective, subject to the appointment of a successor Calculation Agent and
acceptance of such appointment by such successor Calculation Agent, as
hereinafter provided. The Calculation Agent hereunder may be removed at any time
by the filing with it of an instrument in writing signed by or on behalf of the
Company and specifying such removal and the date when it shall become effective.
Such resignation or removal shall take effect upon the appointment by the
Company, as hereinafter provided, of a successor Calculation Agent and the
acceptance of such appointment by such successor Calculation Agent. In the event
a successor Calculation Agent has not been appointed and has not accepted its
duties within 90 days of the Calculation Agent's notice of resignation, the
Calculation Agent may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for the
designation of a successor Calculation Agent.


         (b) In case at any time the Calculation Agent shall resign, or shall be
removed, or shall become incapable of acting, or shall be adjudged bankrupt or
insolvent, or make an assignment for the benefit of its creditors or consent to
the appointment of a receiver or custodian of all or any substantial part of its
property, or shall admit in writing its inability to pay or meet its debts as
they mature, or if a receiver or custodian of it or all or any substantial part
of its property shall be appointed, or if any public officer shall have taken
charge or control of the Calculation Agent or of its property or affairs, for
the purpose of rehabilitation, conservation or liquidation, a successor
Calculation Agent shall be appointed by the Company by an instrument in writing,
filed with the successor Calculation Agent. Upon the appointment as aforesaid of

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