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                               ADVISORY AGREEMENT

     THIS ADVISORY AGREEMENT, dated as of January 30, 2002, is between WELLS
REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST, INC., a Maryland corporation (the "Company"), and
WELLS CAPITAL, INC., a Georgia corporation (the "Advisor").

                               W I T N E S S E T H

     WHEREAS, the Company has issued shares of its common stock, par value $.01,
to the public, has registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission
certain additional shares of its common stock to be offered to the public
("Shares") and may subsequently issue securities other than such Shares

     WHEREAS, the Company intends to continue to qualify as a REIT (as defined
below), and to invest its funds in investments permitted by the terms of the
Company's Articles of Incorporation and Sections 856 through 860 of the Code (as
defined below);

     WHEREAS, the Company desires to avail itself of the experience, sources of
information, advice, assistance and certain facilities available to the Advisor
and to have the Advisor undertake the duties and responsibilities hereinafter
set forth, on behalf of, and subject to the supervision of, the Board of
Directors of the Company all as provided herein; and

     WHEREAS, the Advisor is willing to undertake to render such services,
subject to the supervision of the Board of Directors, on the terms and
conditions hereinafter set forth.

     NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and of the mutual
covenants and agreements contained herein, the parties hereto agree as follows:

     1.  Definitions. As used in this Advisory Agreement (the "Agreement"), the
following terms have the definitions hereinafter indicated:

     Acquisition Expenses. Any and all expenses incurred by the Company, the
Advisor, or any Affiliate of either in connection with the selection,
acquisition or development of any Property, whether or not acquired, including,
without limitation, legal fees and expenses, travel and communications expenses,
costs of appraisals, nonrefundable option payments on property not acquired,
accounting fees and expenses, and title insurance premiums.

     Acquisition Fees. Any and all fees and commissions, exclusive of
Acquisition Expenses, paid by any person or entity to any other person or entity
(including any fees or commissions paid by or to any Affiliate of the Company or
the Advisor) in connection with purchase, development or construction of any
Property, including, without limitation, real estate commissions, acquisition
fees, finder's fees, selection fees, nonrecurring management fees, consulting
fees, loan fees, points, or any other fees or commissions of a similar nature.

     Advisor. Wells Capital, Inc., a Georgia corporation, any successor advisor
to the Company, or any person or entity to which Wells Capital, Inc. or any
successor advisor subcontracts substantially all of its functions.

     Affiliate or Affiliated. As to any individual, corporation, partnership,
trust or other association (other than the Excess Shares Trust), (i) any Person
or entity directly or indirectly; through one or more intermediaries
controlling, controlled by, or under common control with another person or
entity; (ii) any Person or entity, directly or indirectly owning or controlling
ten percent (10%) or more of the outstanding voting securities of another Person
or entity; (iii) any officer, director, partner, or trustee of such Person or
entity; (iv) any Person ten percent (10%) or more of whose outstanding voting
securities are directly or indirectly owned, controlled, or held, with power to
vote, by such other Person; and (v) if such other Person or entity is an
officer, director, partner, or trustee of a Person or entity, the Person or
entity for which such Person or entity acts in any such capacity.

     Appraised Value. Value according to an appraisal made by an Independent

     Articles of Incorporation. The Articles of Incorporation of the Company
under Title 2 of the Corporations and Associations Article of the Annotated Code
of Maryland, as amended from time to time.

     Average Invested Assets. For a specified period, the average of the
aggregate book value of the assets of the Company invested, directly or
indirectly, in Properties and Loans secured by real estate before reserves for
depreciation or bad debts or other similar non-cash reserves, computed by taking
the average of such values at the end of each month during such period.

     Board of Directors or Board. The persons holding such office, as of any
particular time, under the Articles of Incorporation of the Company, whether
they be the Directors named therein or additional or successor Directors.

     Bylaws. The bylaws of the Company, as the same are in effect from time to

     Cash from Financings. Net cash proceeds realized by the Company from the
financing of Company Property or from the refinancing of any Company

     Cash from Sales. Net cash proceeds realized by the Company from the sale,
exchange or other disposition of any of its assets after deduction of all
expenses incurred in connection therewith. Cash from Sales shall not include
Cash from Financings.

     Cash from Sales and Financings. The total sum of Cash from Sales and Cash
from Financings.

     Cause. With respect to the termination of this Agreement, fraud, criminal
conduct, willful misconduct or willful or negligent breach of fiduciary duty by
the Advisor, breach of this Agreement, a default by the Sponsor under the
guarantee by the Sponsor to the Company or the bankruptcy of the Sponsor.

     Code. Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended from time to time, or any
successor statute thereto. Reference to any provision of the Code shall mean
such provision as in effect from time to time, as the same may be amended, and
any successor provision thereto, as interpreted by any applicable regulations as
in effect from time to time.

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